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Mouritz has been installing air conditioning and solar in Perth for over 45 years and this was the second time that we had been engaged to work on the Mouritz website.The brief from the client was simple, after spending a couple of years with another one of Perth’s “full service digital agencies”, they wanted to rank #1 for the most competitive keyword in their market “Air Conditioning Perth“.No simple feat by any means and if one of Perth’s “best” SEO companies couldn’t do it what chance would a small boutique SEO agency have?  Out side of that request, we also help with website maintenance and support and reputation management.


Working with agency partners Unify and MADD, we quickly aligned our offering to target and achieve the following results as quickly as possible.  We started work in July and needed to be ready for the summer season:
  • Rank #1 for Air Conditioning Perth.
  • Build the local area search engine optimisation through Google Business.
  • Manage and maintain the WordPress website and look at ways to improve performance.
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Mouritz Website Management and Maintenance

Eurisko Discovered

While understanding the request to be #1 for a specific keyword, we don’t actually just focus on one keyword. Search Engine Optimisation, when done correctly is a systematic approach to telling a story on your website through content.

The existing optimisation on the Mouritz website was pretty good, but in our humble opinion the site was over-optimised and could have been at risk of a Google penalty.

Working through our SEO playbook, we started to unpick some of the over-optimised elements before rebuilding the SEO Blueprint for Mourtiz.

In the meantime we moved the site to a faster server which also helped (page speed and load times are key elements for SEO), we rebuilt the header slider, we made our modificaiotns, optimiations and updates and then we waited……

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term investment in your business and comprises of many moving parts. If you’re looking for quick returns and leads today, then ask us about our Google Ads and Facebook Ads services.As Google did its thing in the background, we continued to optimise the website but our attention pivoted to include Local Search and Google Business.We recommend to all of our clients to set up their own Google Business page as there are some many benefits, not to mention that is free.Google’s algorithm for ranking Business Profiles does not just consider proximity and relevance but also activity and quality of information. Optimizing your Google Business Profile sends these signals to Google to rank you higher in local results.Small businesses often forget that Google Business pages can be a great source of local, highly qualified and highly converting traffic that circumvents the website altogether. If optimised correctly, it’s a free kickWe love optimising Google Business pages, we have completed several now for large multi-location clients including Auto Masters and Juniper Aged Care.We set about optimising the 4 location pages for Mouritz and have already seen some great lifts in traffic.
Mouritz Google Business Optimisations
Year On Year Organic Traffic

We’re #!

The results of our optimisations are a combination of two things. All of the Optimisimations (website, google business servers etc) and Google running its updates. We have a great handle on the first part but the second part, Google Updates, no-one has a clue as to the when, the wheres or the hows of when Google will run its updates or how those updates will impact the website.

Well we did it. Not in the exact timeline, we had hoped but we monitored a series of slight improvements in keyword position through till January when we hit #1 for the keyword Air Conditioning Perth. (the average position for the last three months was 2.3)

The Sum Parts Deliver Bigger Returns

But the sum of our total efforts resulted in even bigger results for the client. With each Google minor update, we tracked improvements in keyword volume, ranking improvements and organic traffic.

Year on Year Organic traffic growth was up 65% this year with sessions up 64% and pageviews up 49%. Now we’re not at liberty to say how many additional enquiries that this resulted in but it’s safe to say that all other marketing activity was paused during this time due to a record number of enquiries.

We even crashed the website there was so much traffic (it was down for 12 minutes :)) and our efforts were also recognised by one of our competitors in their blank cold call email efforts.

Now the hard work really begins, we’re number one which means that we have to work harder to stay there. We have big plans and are always working to find those new discoveries that will keep us at the top

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You might have noticed that we have removed some of the specific numbers from our reports, instead only showing the percentage increase. This is because we value our clients privacy and the commercial sensitivity of traffic volumes, lead volumes, lead cost and conversions. As much as we’d love to show you the exact specifics of our successes, our clients will always come first.