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SEO for Property Managers - Case Study

Perth Property Manager tracked 94% increase in organic traffic and 146% increase in Landlord inquiries

We Love Rentals, established in 2003, specialises in residential property management throughout the Perth metropolitan area. They are based in the south-east suburb of Cannington. Perth’s rental market is very tight – just like every other Australian capital city.



in Organic Traffic


Increase in
Search Visibility


Increase in
Landlord Appraisals

Project overview

When we first met We Love Rentals, they were to gain market share from more established players. 

Our challenge was simple, to increase We Love Rentals’ brand recognition in the marketplace, drive more targeted organic traffic to the site and deliver more landlord inquiries.

To give you an idea of how competitive the property management industry is here in Perth, as of 6 May 2022, there are just 2,882 properties listed for rent on the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) website. REIWA lists 347 property managers as servicing Perth.

This equates to just 8 properties per rental manager. Given this lack of supply, it’s easy to see why Google Ads click costs are so high (avg. $10.67).


Our proposal

The client was focused on getting on to the first page of Google for ‘Property Managers Perth’, which as of June 2022, had an estimated 1,000 searches per month and a CPC of $8.37.

Focusing on one keyword is never a good strategy, so we undertook a competitive analysis to see what keywords would present the best opportunities while at the same time targeting search phrases similar to ‘Property Managers Perth’.


Increase the number of keywords that We Love Rentals and increase the number of keywords ranking on the first page of Google.  We also wanted to increased their ROI on their Search Engine Optimisation investment, which is one of our key accountabilities.  

  • Increase keywords appearing in search results
  • Increase ROI on organic search investment
  • Increase search engine visibility (total impressions)
  • Increase number of clicks from search engine results
  • Drive more leads to the website

Strategy and awareness

When looking for keyword opportunities, we evaluate several factors.  Including search volume, CPC, competitiveness, and difficulty.  

Over the last 12 months, we have realized a 351% increase in the total number of keywords WLR can now be found for.  This has also seen their keyword value increase 355% based on Google Ads CPC, a transparency metric we measure ourselves on.

At the same time we have seen the keyword “Property Management Perth” increase from page 2/3 to page 1/2.

Our approach

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a broad spectrum of SEO services including SEO audits, technical SEO, keyword research, SEO consulting, local SEO in Perth, SEO campaign implementation and management to improve search rankings and boost traffic for your business.

We approach any new website with a focus on the three key tenets of any successful SEO campaign.

  1. Technical SEO - a technically sound website that fast loading with a great user experience.
  2. Content - copy on your main pages that encourage people to take action, and editorial content that exists to answer questions, educate your target audience, and establish topical authority.
  3. Backlinks - links from highly relevant and highly authoritative websites that act as votes of confidence in your site.
Your website is really humming when you hit the sweet spot. It’s here that you start to see real organic growth from your SEO efforts, but it can take up to six months before you reap these benefits.

Search Engine Optimisation Case Study
Eurisko Keyword Mapping Case Study

Content Research & Keyword Mapping

Copywriting should be one of the driving forces at the heart of your website. Not only is it important for converting website traffic into sales, but it's especially important for Search Engine Optimisation.

When we're looking at writing your copy to rank on Google search results pages (SERPs), we consider several elements. These include targeting high-value keywords with plenty of search volume so they have the best chance of ranking and driving qualified organic traffic towards your website!

  • We'll provide you with a full content strategy
  • We'll target high value keywords with low competition = faster indexing
  • Choose between long form content or short form content
  • Written to convert, not just rank!

Results so far


Increase in
Organic Traffic

Targeting the most valuable keywords with a lower difficulty score rather than the “golden keyword”, resulted in a 94% increase in organic traffic to the website.   This is by increasing the total number of organic search results by 351%. 

Targeting more keywords with lower competition means that We Love Rentals appears in more search results.  This includes securing premium links on websites like: REIWA and Australian Property Investor. 


Increase in Search


Increase in
Landlord Appraisals

Our #1 metric.  Leads & new customers.  Everything is a secondary consideration and a waste of time and effort if leads and new customers are not delivered as a result.   New leads are our #1 metric and this is just another example of SEO for Property Managers in action.

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