Google Ads (AdWords) for Small Business

Big Thinks Often Have Small Beginnings

Google Ads (AdWords) For Your Business

Google Ads (Adwords) for Small Business can be daunting when you’re struggling to generate new leads or looking for some expert advice on how to get the most out of your budget. Eurisko can help. We are a certified Google Ads (Adwords) Consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia. We specialise in developing and executing strategies to help small businesses generate new leads by creating and managing high performing campaigns using Google AdWords for Small Business and drive real success.

Why Google Ads (AdWords) Is Vital For Your Business

As a kid, when I first started fishing, I used to go Ammo Jetty in Cockburn. I didn’t know what kind of fish were around Ammo Jetty or what they would bite on or where they were located.

First I tried different baits like worms, flies, prawn heads. I’d walk up and down the jetty and try different locations. I’d make notes of the time of day, water temperature and clarity of the water.

During this whole process I was collecting as much data as possible, but only getting a few nibbles and maybe one or two fish. After I finished analyzing the data, I knew what bait to use, where to fish based on the weather, the time of day and with persistence I was finally able to pull in a big Salmon google ads (adwords) for small businessout of this small pond.

Similarly, when you first start a Google Ads campaign, you won’t know what keywords will work best, what your optimal bid is, or which ad copy will get the best Click Through Rates (CTR).

Once you have launched your campaign, you’ll start to collect data and analyze the clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC, as well as check your Google Analytics for additional data. After 3 or 4 weeks of data collection, you should now have enough data to start optimizing, for instance, “I know this keyword on exact match, with these negative keywords, coordinated with Ad Copy #2 and this landing page works best on Monday to Friday, but not on the weekends.” Ultimately, you should start seeing conversions, some might be a lower Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), but sooner or later you’ll get the big fish.

Many companies have been uncertain about whether to run their SEM campaign in-house or hire an agency. Experience is a key factor in optimizing your Paid Search campaign, that is where a helping hand can make the difference between a positive ROAS vs a negative ROAS.

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