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The Eurisko blog “Growth Hack” is great for growth-minded digital marketers. This is a collection of my wins and my losses and everything in between.  This blog is for posting the tips and ideas that I have searched for and found extremely helpful. And I wanted to share the techniques that I use in my digital marketing services.

I have helped several of Perth’s largest brands to accelerate their growth. Using simple techniques customised for their particular products or services.   The focus of my growth hacking strategy is to grow a user base and retain this base using creative, unconventional methods.

People interact with products online differently than they do in person. Consider purchasing shoes on the ‘net versus at a physical shop. Growth hackers are able to understand this behaviour and use it to their advantage. It’s all about positioning a product in a way that fuels interest and drives traffic.

Google Specialist Partner

Google Specialist Partner Eurisko is a certified Google Specialist Partner! Earlier this year (2018) I took part in the Google Specialist Certifications. The challenge was open to Google Partners [...]

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