How we helped a local charity raise $140,000

Raffletix website tracked 17% of sales from Facebook ads origin with an ROAS of 6.3

Cystic Fibrosis WA (CFWA) was established by a group of parents in 1975. Since those early days, they have grown into a professional not-for-profit organisation.

Today they provide a comprehensive range of services, in-home support, and resources for people affected by cystic fibrosis (CF) in Western Australia. They have built strong partnerships and continue to collaborate with a range of state and national organisations, and contribute extensively to CF research.


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Client Testimonial

“It was a pleasure working with the team at Eurisko on our recent Facebook Ad Campaign. They were very knowledgeable and provided us with great insights into the performance of the campaign and adjusted the campaign accordingly. We are very pleased with their results. “

– Rachael Clifton | Senior Events and Fundraising Coordinator – CFWA

Project overview

In early 2023, we were invited to assist CFWA with their upcoming golf-related fundraiser. The goal? To sell as many of the 1100 tickets to their 2023 Luxury Masters Raffle as possible. Ticket prices were set at $250 which is higher than usual for the target demographic. 

We were informed that we’d be part of a team: Creative to be provided by another agency, and hosting of the sales events themselves would be linked to a local raffle ticket website.

Our role was to assist with digital strategy and help decide on the best approach to and platforms to advertise on. Essentially figure out how to get the best ROAS given the small budget that was allocated to advertising. 

cystic fibrosis WA
cystic fibrosis WA case study

Our proposal

After some research we proposed that the most likely place for their key audience, as well as the most cost-effective advertising strategy for them, would be to run Facebook sales conversion ads


  • To drive as many ticket sales as possible.
  • Work with Facebook’s dynamic creative algorithm to determine the highest-performing copy per audience.
  • Set up and test the different audiences for maximum ROAS.
  • To work with CFWA to optimise their creative as the campaign progressed to encourage more sales. 
  • To only advertise to the Perth and greater WA area as stipulated by the lottery commission guidelines. 

Strategy and implementation

Together with the team at CFWA and Bird’s Eye Media we decided that a video-forward approach to the ad creative was best for the campaign, and a working group was formed to bring this to life. Discussion was also had around the idea that static pieces may be required further along the process to insight urgency as the raffle drew to an end. 

Something important to note about promoting lotteries through Facebook ads, is that permission must be sought prior to the commencement of the campaign. In this case, this was overseen by CFWA and took some weeks and multiple submissions to come through. 

In the meantime, here at Eurisko we set about checking pixels and creating the four target audiences. We also worked with CFWA to create copy for and set up the relevant ads as per each demographic. 

Once permissions had come through, and UTM’s had been approved, the ads were set live and let to run for a total period of 8 weeks.  

Modifications and optimisations to creative and copy plus, new ad types were tested along the way. 


CFWA ads case study

Our approach

CFWA case study audience

Audience segmentation

We worked with CFWA to determine who would be the most likely engage with the campaign. We came up with the following audiences based on their suggestions and the data we had access to: Google analytics, email databases, social media following and website traffic. 

  1. Golfers and golfing enthusiasts. Using Facebook interest targeting.
  2. Supporters of the Cystic Fibrosis charity and community members. Based on their website visitors, social media following and a lookalike.
  3. Supporters of charity in general Perth. Based on mailing lists of people who’ve previously donated or participated in fundraising events. 
  4. People generally interested in participating in lotteries. Using Facebook interest targeting.

Initially we had believed that we would need to create a retargeting campaign, but as the campaign went on we instead changed the assets and the messaging and continued to individually target the existing audiences – keeping our messaging audience specific throughout the entire campaign. This resulted in an average frequency score of 3. We found this approach to be far more effective than generic retargeting on this occasion. 

Creative asset & placement management

Over time Facebook ads will start to give you data, they will tell you things like which ad placements, pieces of creative and what devices are giving you the best results. It’s standard practice here are Eurisko that we optimise to any trends the data shows us. 

On this occasion we became aware that the feeds and stories placements were deriving over 90% of the sales, hence switched off the other placements. 

Whilst the campaign did not need any modification on this occasion, we also noticed that in the end 91% of sales came via mobile. This is a common trend. We would recommend any client to optimise to the mobile advertising experience. 

Part way through we also tested static imagery with one of our highest performing audiences but found the video to continue to outperform the test ad. 

Lastly in the final weeks of the campaign we changed the imagery and ad copy to reflect the urgency and need to make a purchase week by week – we saw a huge increase in sales through this mechanism. Especially in the last few days of the campaign.  

It is through this process that we helped drive an ROAS of 6.3 for the client which is much higher than Facebook’s standard ROAS of between 2 & 4. 

CFWA case study creatives

Results so far

Total profit from Facebook
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The limiting factor in this campaign was the campaign budget. Given a larger budget split over a longer time frame we are confident that this final figure would have been even higher. We are still thrilled with this result, however. 

In the case of ‘CFWA’, our ads management and optimisations helped to achieve 15% of the total funds raised after advertising costs. 

Using campaign budget thoughtfully plus continued optimisations throughout the campaign were essential to keeping costs down, and what inevitably contributed to an extremely healthy ROAS of 6.3. 

We believe with a higher budget allocation from the beginning of the campaign and encouraging multiple ticket sales on the platform somehow would have also positively impacted the ROAS. 

An ROAS well above industry standard