How Google Ads Audit Can Help Save You Money

Google Ads Audit

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your Google Ads budget, but need to retain the same level of leads and quality, then talk to Eurisko and find out how we can help.  Over the last 18 years,  we have maintained a Google Ads Leads Handbook that we use to run detailed campaign audits that save you money.

Our audits are designed to work within your current framework and deliver real results without compromising lead volume or quality.

Google Ads Optimisation: Client 1

Take for example our client below, prior to taking over the management of this account in September 2019, we identified several cost savings thanks to our Google Ads Handbook.  You can see from the report below that we delivered more leads on a lower budget and helped navigate the client through a difficult time without comprimising on the lead quality.  As we continued to optimise the account from our on-going learnings, we continue to deliver even better results with each passing month!

Google Ads AuditGoogle Ads Audit Highlights

  • Click Through Rate improved from under 1% to  5.89%
  • Conversions Up from 3 to 94
  • Cost Per Conversion Down from $34.19 to $7.36

We are now working with the client to reinvest that budget savings into new Social Media Lead Form opportunities, a Marketing Automation campaign and a Google Reputation Management strategy.

Google Ads Optimisation: Client 2

Sometimes it not about saving money though, sometimes its about getting better results from what you’re already doing and this is where the Eurisko Google Ads Handbook really comes into play.  Client #2 asked us to look at their account performance as they were spending between $1,200 and $1,500 per week but just weren’t seeing the results they felt they should be getting.  Again, prior to taking over the account we identified a number of key issues on the account that their old agency has simply overlooked.  Within a month we reduced the cost per conversion by 50% and by the end of month 5 the client was seeing a 10-fold return on conversions, and sales were finally where they expected them to be.

Google Ads Case Studies

Google Ads Audit Highlights

  • Average Weekly Cost stayed within their average of $1,200 to $1,500
  • Conversions Up from 8 to 138
  • Cost Per Conversion Down from $96 to $10
  • Weekly Marketing Budget Down from $2,418 to $1,410

Google Ads Optimisation: Client 3

You don’t have to be spending a big amount to see big returns.  Client three was new to Google Ads and with a budget of $1,500 per month, they needed as many leads as they could get.  referring to our Google Ads Playbook, we hit the ground running delivering results from day 1.

Google Ads Case Studies

Within 6 weeks the campaign was humming, delivering 16 leads per week at half the cost of when we first started.

Google Ads Audit Highlights

  • Average weekly cost stayed within their average of $1,200 to $1,500
  • Conversions up from 7 per week to 19+ per week.
  • Cost per conversion down from $34.01 to $16.71
  • Weekly marketing increased as we were able to pull more value from the activity.

How would a performance improvemet of 25% mean to your business?  Contact us, and lets find out:


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