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We Can Show You How To Grow Your Business With A Personalised SEO Strategy

We meet a lot of clients who have heard of SEO and know of the importance it has in delivering traffic and new customers to their business. Understandably they often don’t understand what is involved or how it works.

SEO Perth

SEO is a long-term strategy that should be designed to position you as the expert for your product or services to Google.  Good SEO has a strong focus on content and how the content on your website is relevant to the search phrases your customers are using to find your business or your competitors business.


We deliver qualified traffic that converts into leads and sales. And we do it for organisations of different sizes, from different industries, throughout Perth.

We combine data from a range of industry-leading tools:

  • Google My Business (Local Maps)
  • On-site SEO, off-site SEO and local SEO
  • High-quality website-to-website link building
  • Technical optimisation and conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Content marketing and evergreen content
  • Testing Keywords Performance via Google AdWords Management

We start out with a focus on Local SEO traffic because we have seen better results over a shorter period of time.  Our optimsation process is very transparent and we walk you through each step, carefully explaining the action, the importance and the outcome.  A typical SEO project would include:

SEO Audit

We start by undertaking a comprehensive SEO technical audit.  Our 30 point checklist will give us an understanding of your current website performance, identifying the good things your site is doing and the not so good things that need to be changed.

Keyword Research

Next, we look at ‘keyword research’ involves identifying phrases that your customers are searching for.   We use leading SEO programs to research and identify the best-performing keywords related to your business.  We then look at how we can work them naturally into your website copy in the appropriate places so that your content is optimised to drive sales.

Page Optimisation

The website audit ranks the website against the recommended Design, Usability and SEO standards. The aim is to align the goals of the website and the customer journey with best practice recommendations. This audit is also an opportunity to identify any problems that might be hindering the ability of the website to achieve its goals

These are just a couple of key optimisation points that we will work with you on as we build out your SEO journey.

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