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Great SEO Adds Value Faster Than It Adds Cost

Perth SEO Pricing – A Guide

Are you looking for a competitive quote for Perth SEO Pricing that will help grow your business? Eurisko can help.

We are an SEO Consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia and we specialise in
developing and executing Local Area SEO and Reputation Management strategies to help business like yours rank in the Google Search Index. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to a new website or get more visitors to your existing website we can
tailor a solution to help you grow.

Look Long Term

A well crafted SEO Strategy is designed to roll out over a number of months, we recommend a minimum of 6 months. Anything less than this will return negligible results and will certainly impact on your ROI.

Local SEO is Competitive

Consider what the competition is doing for their local SEO. Chances are that you are a long way behind what they are already doing. In order to outperform them, you need to outpace them. If they are spending $1000 per month on SEO and your budget is $500 then you’ll never match their SEO efforts.

Focus On ROI

Consider your budget and focus on your ROI over time. A budget of $1,500 per month on your SEO can get you to outpace your competition and get you 3 to 4 new customers every month, what will the impact be on your bottom line?

How Much Should I Spend On SEO

To be able to give you an accurate figure we need to consider a few things such as your current website setup, your competition and the keywords/search phrases that you want to appear under. Once we understand this we can present you with a personalised SEO strategy that will get you results.

We also offer a full-service SEO product, which means that your website will be optimised for ALL aspects of SEO. Our standard SEO package includes:

• Search Traffic Review
• Keyword Volume Research
• Google Index Benchmark
• Onsite SEO (Meta-Tags)
• Website Architecture Review
• Google Analytics (or GTM) Setup/Review
• Google Analytics (or GTM) Goal Setup
• Google My Business Optimisation
• Content Optimisation
• Content Recommendations
• Conversion Analysis

Still considering if SEO is right for your business? Let’s start with a conversation, simple. Let’s look at the possibilities and go from there.


The time it takes to deliver ROI on your Search Engine Optimisation depends on several factors including your industry, your competitors and your budget. Your website has a reputation with Google and depending on what that reputation is, will ultimately determine how long it will take to see major improvements.

We optimise websites by implementing long-term, white-hat strategies that are tried, tested and trusted. While we typically start seeing results around the three month mark, we usually suggest that more realistic timeline is six to twelve months.

If you’re looking for a more immediate return on your digital marketing spend then we would suggest one of our Google Ads or Facebook Ads management packages.  

We can help you drive real results, real fast with our customer targeting and campaign optimisation. 

No, you do not.  We don’t believe in using or locking you into long term service contracts. Instead, we prefer to prove our value to your business through continued improved performance and transparency.  As always, we suggest a minimum commitment of three months as this gives us time to set up, deliver and optimise your performance. 

We do ask that a 30 day notice period is used so we can complete our tasks and arrange for the handover.  Any accounts or passwords created by our agency, during our partnership are in effect owned by you and will be handed over at the end of the relationship.


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