How to Manage Your Reputation and Reviews to 5 Star Success

Client often ask me how they can remove the 1, 2 or 3 star reviews from their social media accounts or review sites. In most cases this is almost impossible as the customer controls the review. I’ve only see one example where you can flag a negative review and the review site will actually ask the customer to prove their custom. Facebook reviews and Google Business reviews can kill you and you can get reviewed by complete strangers. I have created a 10 point checklist on how to respond to negative reviews but before we travel down that route, I prefer to proactively manage my online reputation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a review

Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews, positive reviews are great for business as you build a team of ambassadors to promote your business. I find that the true value of reviews comes from the 1, 2 and three star reviews. This is the opportunity to find what is broken and then find a way to improve that experience for future customers.

Control the review conversation

Take control of the conversation first by proactively sending a thank you email or SMS to your customers. Ask your customer to rate how to performed, were they happy or could you have done better.

Take control of the review

In your email, present your customer with the simple request to rate your performance, I like to use the simple 5 star method. If the user clicks stars 1, 2 or 3, you need to take an action whether it is by reply email or redirect to an internal page. If a user clicks 1, 2 or 3 stars, redirect them to a page that says “It sounds like we could do better, please let us know how we can improve”.

Acknowledge Bad Reviews

When you receive your feedback make sure that you acknowledge your customer, thank them for responding and giving you the opportunity to make things right. Granted we can’t always please the outliers but in most cases you will be able to make an adjustment to improve things for next time.

Share outstanding reviews

If the customer clicks on the 4 star or 5 star review, then it’s time to celebrate! It’s job well done and you have one happy customer. Take this opportunity to open a new action and ask if they would leave a quick review on your website or social media page. Make sure you provide the right links and make this process as quick and easy as possible for the customer.

If you proactively control the online review process you’ll quickly find that your reputation across social media and your customer base will improve dramatically. Celebrate the positive reviews as a job well done and an opportunity to share the good news story with your future customers. Quietly celebrate the negative reviews as opportunities to improve your service or fix a broken process.

How to do manage your online reviews and reputation? Is a tip or trick that you do that I should include? Let me know in the comments below.

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