Listicle outreach: An overlooked link building tactic that drives revenue

Building white-hat links to your website that deliver a quantifiable return on investment is hard.

Enter listicle outreach.

This link building tactic involves finding list-style blog posts (listicles) where it makes sense for you to appear amongst the competition.

Here’s an example:

First time parents are nervous wrecks. We’ll do and buy anything within our budgets to protect our precious newborns. From personal experience, one thing my wife and I bought was a baby monitor.

When you’re in the consideration stage of the purchase funnel, you might do a search for ‘best baby monitor australia‘.

You already understand the broader benefits of a baby monitor. Now you’re developing a list of the best brands and models on the market.

Top search result for 'best baby monitor australia'

Check out the monthly search volume estimates from Semrush for ‘best baby monitor australia‘:

Semrush search volume estimates for 'best baby monitor australia'

If you sell baby monitors, you definitely want to be listed amongst the competition on this page:

Example of baby monitor listings on BabyCenter

How would I go about getting listed on this site?

The contact us form allows you to reach the person in charge of editorials. So, I’d pitch something as simple as this:

An email script pitch to get listed on BabyCenter


So, does listicle outreach work?

In short, yes.

Here are some screenshots from a client’s Google Analytics account (identity protected). They show traffic, engagement, revenue and leads all from a listicle post.

Important note: This client is not in the baby monitor space. It’s simply a real example that illustrates the power of listicle outreach as a link building tactic:

Screenshot from Google Analytics showing traffic engagement and revenue from listicle

Note the high average session duration, the number of pages per session and the low bounce rate. This traffic is highly engaged, and it’s driving revenue directly.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the number of newsletter signups from this listicle:

A screenshot from Google Analytics showing newsletter signups from a listicle referrer

We expect this listicle link to continue performing for our client every month.

Bonus: Every visitor is potentially being added to our client’s Google Ads remarketing list. Given the traffic is so targeted, if someone doesn’t buy on the first visit, or sign up to the newsletter, there is a very strong chance we can win them back through a remarketing ad.

So, if listicle outreach is not part of your link building strategy for 2024, ask your SEO agency why not!

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