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Recent SEO success stories

Ranking #1 for ‘medical fitouts perth’

Interite has maintained these rankings for 12 months thanks to a combination of on-page and off-page search engine optimisation, and internal and external backlinks.

With the average cost of a medical fitout around $300,000, you can see how lucrative it is to rank #1 for ‘medical fitouts perth’.

Amana Living tasked us with increasing organic traffic for ‘home care’ related keywords. We’ve delivered outstanding results in under four (4) months.

How’d we achieve this? Through intelligent on-page SEO and internal linking practices. We also landed some PR in a digital news publication targeting seniors, which contained a valuable backlink, too.

Keogh Consulting’s blog post on dysfunctional workplaces has consistently driven qualified leads to the business.

What makes this piece so helpful (and unique) is the clever use of an extended metaphor to discuss a common pain point for C-Suite and People and Culture Managers in many organisations across the world – dysfunctional teams.

It’s simply great writing!

We guided Keogh on a revamp of the post to ensure the article explored the topic in-depth and had the right SEO fundamentals in place. We then linked to the post from other content on the site where contextually relevant.

Will & Co engaged us about 18 months ago as a very new eCommerce store in a crowded market. In our time together, we’ve managed to help grow revenue, email signups and rankings exponentially.

Our focus continues to be technical SEO, brainstorming, writing, editing and publishing content at all stages of the buyer’s journey, and earning backlinks naturally from sources such as

We’re not your average Perth SEO Agency

Tired of being middle of the pack, or worse, finishing at the back of the field?

Many clients come to us (some have even come back to us!), because they simply don’t get good service from their current SEO company.

The reason why Eurisko is not your average SEO agency in Perth is that we understand your pain points.

  • If you’ve been bamboozled with ‘BS’ in meetings and left wondering what you’re paying an SEO retainer for, we understand.
  • If you’ve been promised the world by your current SEO provider, but the results have been lacklustre, we understand.
  • If you’ve noticed your SEO agency puts your requests into a ‘queue’, takes forever to get back to you, or dodges questions that you need to follow up on, we understand.
  • If you’ve noticed your competitors slipstreaming past you on the way to victory, while your SEO vendor just says, ‘SEO takes time’, and offers no strategic way forward, we understand.

Nobody remembers the runner-up. Switch teams and join the local Perth SEO company that knows how to win.

Want proof of our SEO results? See our case studies.

Perth SEO specialists who’ll help you win more business

If you choose to work with Eurisko, your SEO campaigns will be managed by a humble, yet experienced team, working behind the scenes to deliver results for your business.

Jamie Press
SEO strategy and content

Jamie’s job is to strategise and execute your SEO campaign to drive more revenue, qualified leads, targeted organic traffic and higher rankings.

With 15+ years of proven experience in digital marketing in Sydney and Perth, he brings a business-focused mindset to SEO. His expertise lies in keyword research, user experience, onsite optimisation, content ideation and copywriting, editing, link building, and digital PR.

Brendan Gilet
Technical SEO and web development

Brendan’s job is to make your website run fast and buttery-smooth for a better user experience and stronger search engine rankings. If your website has a technical issue, he’ll get it fixed, fast.

Brendan’s expertise is in PHP, JavaScript and CSS, and he develops custom solutions across all the major content management systems including WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, Kajabi, Wix, PrestaShop and more.

You're in good company

SEO services Perth

SEO Audit

We always start with an SEO audit to assess your website’s overall health. We use specialist software such as Semrush, Screaming Frog and Google Search Console to get under the hood and diagnose any problems.

Our site audits are not a once-off, either. We run and act on them weekly.

If it’s anything critical, we’ll fix it straightaway, otherwise, we’ll schedule the work as part of your SEO campaign.

SEO Strategy

Once we’ve assessed your website’s performance, we’ll create your tailored strategy. We’ll map out the objectives and tactics needed to beat your competition.

The work we complete in this phase includes the establishment of an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), competitor analysis, keyword research, and a detailed content plan.

Your strategy serves as the blueprint we use to build your website’s reputation, and that starts with fixing technical the aspects of your site.

SEO strategies are central to your long-term success. If your SEO specialists have not provided you with one, ask for it.

Technical SEO

Think of technical SEO as building and strengthening the technical foundations of your website. People (and Google) expect a fast-loading website that looks good and is easy to navigate on a mobile.

Google has long encouraged web designers to think “mobile-first” because the fact is, we all reach for our phones before we pull out the laptop.

If the technical fundamentals of your site are poor, Google will have trouble crawling, rendering and indexing your content – this means your website won’t rank.

To drive the point home, creating a poor website is like building a house of cards on sand.

We’ll address the technical issues identified in our initial and weekly SEO audits to ensure your site is humming. We’ll also set up and optimise your Google Analytics (GA4), Google Search Console and if applicable, your Google Merchant accounts.

On-page SEO

Because we performed the keyword research as part of the strategy phase, we can then start mapping keywords to existing pages on your website.

Very often, we’ll need to write content that addresses your ICP and help improve your rankings. We’ll ensure these pages have the basics of SEO including schema markup, keyword-optimised headings, short, easily digestible paragraphs, engaging imagery and videos, and more.

Our content plan will also inform us of new pages we need to build for you, so we’ll start creating those, too.

This work also involves internal linking which is the process of linking related pages together within context for two reasons:

  1. Help the user journey so you can guide people to where you want them to go next; and
  2. Send a signal to Google that certain pages are important and relate to each other.

Off-page SEO

Sometimes called off-site SEO, this essentially means two things: Building backlinks from other websites that point to your site; and Landing public relations (PR) or other press coverage for your business.

Both tactics, when done well, help increase your online reputation. Backlinks from highly relevant and high-quality websites act as votes of confidence in your site.

Google uses backlinks to gauge how authoritative your website is for relevant search terms. You can also earn targeted referral traffic from backlinks, too.

Beware of any SEO service that offers to sell you links. You’ll be participating in link farms which are strictly against Google’s guidelines.

PR coverage helps raise brand awareness. If you land some PR on a high-traffic website, like a national news source, it can lead to significant branded search traffic to your site.

We’ve landed coverage for Eurisko and our clients on sites like:

  1. HubSpot
  2. SmartCompany
  3. REIWA
  4. Westpac Wire
  5. Your Investment Property Magazine
  6. Search Engine Journal
  7. Hub Australia
  8. The Daily Meal

Local SEO

Any local business should aim to appear in the Google Maps pack for relevant search terms. Here, you can see our client, Auto Masters, appearing for the search ‘car service fremantle’.

Having a strong local SEO presence can drive significant search traffic to your site and the first step is claiming your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing.

We’ll help you do that, and optimise the listing so it’s fleshed out with accurate Name, Address, Phone, and Website (NAPW data). We’ll help you upload imagery and videos, and get you listed in some premium directories like Yellow Pages.

eCommerce SEO

Competition in the digital retail space is fierce. If your online store is not optimised for eCommerce, you’ll get left behind.

We’ve got years of experience building the reputation of eCommerce websites. We build them in WooCommerce and Shopify, too.

From performing keyword analysis to match search intent (informational, commercial and transactional), to fleshing out category pages, writing blog content, and building strong backlinks, we can help improve your search visibility.

SEO Copywriting

While many people seem to think SEO copywriting is a case of writing for search engines, that’s not entirely true. Yes, you want your content to rank well in Google’s search results, but it must be written for people first.

What’s the point of writing something that ranks in Google, but either does nothing to help lift your brand awareness or bring in new business?

Google is getting much better at filtering out blatant SEO content that’s solely aimed to rank well but doesn’t deliver anything of value to the reader.

The search giant has a specific algorithm called the ‘Helpful content update’ that runs continually. Its purpose is to reward well-written content that fulfils the searcher’s intent.

Our approach to writing copy at Eurisko is to think ‘audience-first, search engines second’. This mindset means we’re thinking about how any new piece of content can benefit our client’s ICP.

Once we’re happy that we’ve written something helpful, we’ll go through a rigorous process of optimising the page for search.

Our onboarding process for new SEO clients

Free 30-minute consultation

You’ll have an obligation-free chat with our director, Mike Bullen where we aim to understand your needs.

Free SEO audit and quick wins

We’ll perform a quick site audit (a more in-depth one comes later) to identify any key issues holding your site back. We’ll also provide at least five (5) quick wins that you can implement straight away. Use this information to your benefit, no strings attached!

Complete our client brief

If you’re feeling comfortable with us, and happy to proceed as a client, we’ll ask you to complete an SEO brief to help us further understand your pain points, hopes and desires for your business.

Full SEO site audit

Once we’ve got a deeper understanding of your businesses, we’ll perform a full site audit to discover issues and untapped opportunities on your website.

SEO strategy

After we’ve run the audit and set you up in our system, we’ll create the strategy to help you start gaining ground on your competitors.

On-page optimisation​

This is where we start making visible changes on your site to improve its relevance for your target audience. We then move on to other aspects of the strategy including copywriting, local SEO, and link building.

Don’t take our word for it.

Ready to start your next SEO campaign with Eurisko?

Reach out and book a free 30-minute consultation, today. A short conversation might change the course of your business for the better.

What have you got to lose?

Reach out or why not drop in to our office at 14 / 142-154 South Terrace, Fremantle, WA, 6160.

FAQs about our Perth SEO services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. It involves optimising web content and structure to make the site more attractive to search engines, thereby improving its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant queries.

At $145/hr, we’ve got one of the most competitive rates compared to other SEO agencies. Call us for an SEO quote tailored to your website’s unique requirements. Our monthly services include Technical SEO, Content Optimisation, and Digital PR, suited to your goals.

If you’re just looking for cheap SEO services, we’re not the right fit.

We’ve put together a guide to SEO costs in Australia which may be helpful as you during the decision making process.

In our experience, it takes at least six (6) months for a successful SEO campaign to start paying dividends. Despite what other SEO companies might promise you, it’s a long game.

If you’re looking for faster results, a Google Ads campaign will deliver immediate traffic to your site. Speak to us about our range of digital marketing services.

No, never. We don’t do lock-in contracts, we simply ask for 30 days’ notice so we can finalise, and deliver on any planned work.

Thankfully, most Perth SEO agency owners are starting to move away from contracts. It’s a great thing for the industry.

Fair question. Put simply, we’re a challenger agency competing with some big brands who’ve been in the game for a long time. No excuses though. We’re gaining ground on them.

We encourage you to speak to any of our clients because we’re so confident our proven SEO process can work for you, too.

Editor’s note: There’s also no guarantee that ranking well for that keyword will deliver the types of clients we do our best work for. The following link is well worth a read on why ranking for ‘trophy keywords’ could be a waste of your time.