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Auto Masters manages 70 automotive service centres across WA and SA engaged Eurisko to help reinvigorate their online performance marketing activity. Eurisko was also tasked with supporting the Auto Masters franchisees in promoting their businesses online and grow their leads.


Auto Masters had been running Google Ads activity in Western Australia and South Australia for several years and felt that the performance had plateaued. Auto Masters approached Eurisko with the following objectives:

  • Reduce the average Cost Per Lead in both Western Australia and South Australia
  • Maintain Monthly Lead Volume via Google Ads
  • Recommend Now Opportunities for Online Lead Generation.

Auto Masters

Client Testimonial

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mike. He is always bringing fresh advice and recommendations in how to deliver Auto Masters online strategy. And is always looking at new ways to generate strong results. Mike’s also very easy to work with and never loses sight of the bigger picture. We look forward to seeing what the future brings in the digital space.”

– Carl Meyers, Marketing Manager, Auto Masters.

Eurisko Discovered

After a brief discovery period we discovered several opportunities that could be quickly rolled out across the entire digital marketing strategy.

My goal was to improve and streamline their lead generation and then discover new channels to engage with to drive more leads into the business.

The quickest win by far was within Google Ads, we found several optimisation points which allowed us to drive more leads at a lower cost.  Then we looked at the online reputation management primarily through Google Business.  Then our attention then shifted to Search Engine Optimisation and Local Area Optimisation.

It’s a continuing journey of discovery and it is an on-going series of pivots that are delivering big results.

Google Ads Campaign Management

As experts in Google Ads strategy and campaign optimisation, Eurisko identified several pain points within the campaign activity that delivered immediate positive impact.

A trademark indication of a set and forget campaign is to be always on (24/7) and with no bidding adjustments. The bidding strategy was inefficient, the spread of the keywords was heavily reliant on Brand Name terms and the overall campaign was not competitive on product and service terms.

We discovered several setting optimisations which resulted in a 40% saving on the campaign budget. This ‘wasted spend’ was redirected into several other lead generation activities that resulted in big increases in the number of bookings per month, but also reduced the average cost per lead by 28%. All within the first 2 months.

Since taking over the account we have doubled the total number of leads while maintaining a competitive cost per lead which is under our target CPL.

Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation is really important and impacts so many different aspects of your online environment.

Reviews Sorted in an online review management solution, who estimates that 98% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase, this is confirmed by Capterra survey.

Google Business is one of the leading online review platforms that Auto Masters trusts in managing real customer reviews.

We undertook an audit of the customer review system and how we could automate and improve the number of reviews online. The main problem Auto Masters faced was that people were quick to leave a negative review and slow in adding a positive review.

At the start of our review management program, Auto Masters had 805 reviews on GMB, with only 18 stores having an average rating above 4.5

Over the last three years (@Jan 2021) Auto Masters has collected 5,911 customer reviews and now 44 stores have an average rating over 4.5.

This positive score not only helps to convert new customers into business bookings but also has a positive impact on their Local Search Engine Optimisation.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Effective Search Engine Optimisation is built over time. As much as everyone would like to see the hockey stick in traffic, it’s just not the reality in most cases.SEO also isn’t just about sending any old organic traffic to the website either. Organic traffic should be highly targeted, relevant and convert into leads.Over the last 12 months we have rebuilt the keyword strategy to make sure that we’re targeting the most relevant, best-converting keywords. Yet we want to be flexible enough so if we see a trend where people’s search habits change, for example, more people are searching “+near +me”, then your SEO strategy should be flexible enough to make that pivot.Over the last 12 month we have seen marked improvements in the volume of organic search traffic with growth of 62%:

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads have become a key part of the marketing mix, with Eurisko assisting Auto Masters with managing 68 location pages, plus rolling out a comprehensive Social Media policy to help stores manage their social media profiles effectively.With campaigns including Opening Specials, Job Openings, Local Area Specific campaigns, Auto Masters is always in market and driving cost-effective leads through the Facebook Ads platform.

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You might have noticed that we have removed some of the specific numbers from our reports, instead only showing the percentage increase. This is because we value our clients privacy and the commercial sensitivity of traffic volumes, lead volumes, lead cost and conversions. As much as we’d love to show you the exact specifics of our successes, our clients will always come first.