Search Engine Optimisation & Local SEO

Organic & Local SEO Leads Prove Their Weight in Gold, Up 485% in Two Years

The brief from the client was simple, after spending a couple of years bouncing around the top 4 positions but never actually ranking #1, our task was to rank #1 for the most competitive keyword in their market “Air Conditioning Perth“. We also helped with conversion optimisation, website maintenance and support, and local SEO management.

Mouritz Air Conditioning

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Our Objectives

We quickly aligned our offering to target and achieve the following results as quickly as possible. We started work straight away as the summer season was only around the corner:

  • Rank #1 for Air Conditioning Perth.
  • Identify other keyword gaps and opportunities to rank
  • Build the local area search engine optimisation through Google Business.
  • Manage and maintain the WordPress website and look at ways to improve performance.

We also moved the site to a faster server which helped (page speed and load times are key elements for SEO), we rebuilt the header slider, we made our technical SEO modifications, and then we moved into our keyword strategy.

Project overview

While understanding the request to be #1 for a specific keyword, we never only just focus on one keyword. Part of strategic Search Engine Optimisation, when done correctly, is a systematic approach to telling a story on your website through content.

The existing optimisation on the Mouritz website was pretty good, but in our humble opinion the site was over-optimised and could have been at risk of a Google penalty.

Working through our SEO playbook, we started to unpick some of the over-optimised elements before rebuilding the SEO Blueprint for Mourtiz.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term investment in your business and comprises many moving parts.

Google’s algorithm for ranking Business Profiles does not just consider proximity and relevance but also activity and quality of information. Optimizing your Google Business Profile sends these signals to Google to rank you higher in local results.

Mouritz now ranks #1 for some of the most competitive keywords in their market

The Sum Parts Deliver Bigger Returns

The results of our optimisations are a combination of two things. All of the Optimisations (website crawlability, Google Business Profiles, server speed etc) and Google running its updates. We have a great handle on the first part but the second part, Google algorithm updates: no-one has a clue as to when Google will run its updates or the impact on your the website.

Well we did it. Not in the exact timeline, we had hoped but we monitored a series of slight improvements in keyword position through till January when we hit #1 for the keyword Air Conditioning Perth. (the average position for the last three months was 2.4)

But the sum of our total efforts resulted in even bigger results for the client. With each Google minor update, we tracked improvements in keyword volume, ranking improvements and organic traffic.

For almost two years, Organic and Local SEO were the digital channels running as there was more than enough leads for the client to manage, they were able to save thousands as they switched of their Google Ads & Facebook Ads budgets.

At the end of September 2022 we achieved the following rankings:

  • Air Conditioning Perth – 2,900 searches position #1
  • Ducted Air Conditioning – 9,900 searches position #1
  • Gas Heater Service – 2,900 searches position #1
  • Evaporative Air Conditioning – 3,600 searches position #2
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – 6,600 searches position #5

Our approach

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a broad spectrum of SEO services including SEO audits, technical SEO, keyword research, SEO consulting, local SEO in Perth, SEO campaign implementation and management to improve search rankings and boost traffic for your business.

We approach any new website with a focus on the three key tenets of any successful SEO campaign.

  1. Technical SEO – a technically sound website that fast loading with a great user experience.
  2. Content – copy on your main pages that encourage people to take action, and editorial content that exists to answer questions, educate your target audience, and establish topical authority.
  3. Backlinks – links from highly relevant and highly authoritative websites that act as votes of confidence in your site.

Your website is really humming when you hit the sweet spot. It’s here that you start to see real organic growth from your SEO efforts, but it can take up to six months before you reap these benefits.

Google Ads

We use a 4-part ads management process that ensures you’ll drive more traffic, increase your sales, and increase brand awareness.

  • Keyword Research – Investing in the right keywords is how your business gets discovered and forms the basis of our Google Ads campaigns.
  • Website & Landing Page Optimisation – We’ll handle what your visitors will see when they get on your website because landing page optimisation is essential to ensuring that your leads convert.
  • Conversion Tracking – A campaign worth investing in is a campaign that brings results. For this reason, we ensure that you get the results you want by tracking conversion
  • Campaign Setup & Optimisation – We handle the entire setup and optimisation process for you, drawing on our 20 years of experience to drive the highest ROI possible on your campaigns.

Your Google ads may yield results immediately, but more-often-than-not take around 3 months to be fully optimised. We guide you through this process and use the data that Google and our other sources provide to help you create the highest returns for your ad spend.

Website Design & Development

You have the vision of where you want your business to be, we have the know-how to make that a reality. Our websites are designed with the goal of establishing your business at the top of your field. We do this by getting a sound understanding of your business, who the customers are that you are trying to attract and then deliver the user experience that really deliver their expectations.

  • Mobile First, Custom Responsive, Designs
  • WordPress CMS
  • Shopify eCommerce
  • Developed using best practice principles
  • Fast loading and optimised for search engines

SEO Website Content

Copywriting should be one of the driving forces at the heart of your website. Not only is it important for converting website traffic into sales, but it’s especially important for Search Engine Optimisation.

When we’re looking at writing your copy to rank on Google search results pages (SERPs), we consider several elements. These include targeting high-value keywords with plenty of search volume so they have the best chance of ranking and driving qualified organic traffic towards your website!

  • We’ll provide you with a full content strategy
  • We’ll target high value keywords with low competition = faster indexing
  • Choose between long form content or short form content
  • Written to convert, not just rank!
  • Contact us for a free quote

Results so far

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Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forwards. In the case of Mouritz, we needed to remove some of the over-optimisations that were holding the site back. While a 36% increase in organic traffic over two years can be viewed as modest gains, it’s the quality of that traffic that makes the difference.

Lead form submission goal completions was the number metric that we tracked and following our conversion funnel optimisation, the improvements in form completions was almost immediate. With improvements in the quality of organic traffic, we tracked an increase in the number of “Request A Quote” form submissions over the next two years.

Increase in "Request a Quote"
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The number of contact us form completions also increased as potential customers and existing customers reached out through local search and organic search results.