A content-led SEO strategy that helped deliver an 864% increase in web leads.

Plico Energy is a Perth-based solar energy company with a difference – you pay off your solar panel and battery storage system weekly, so you can avoid upfront costs.

We were introduced to Plico Energy through an agency partner and the brief was to develop an SEO strategy to help increase leads and customers.

Plico’s website is built on HubSpot so their team can take advantage of its powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Plico Energy

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Project overview

Our brief was simple: optimise the site to help drive more leads and sales.

Plico had no previous Perth-based SEO provider or strategy to supplement their Google Ads and social media lead generation activities.

Plico’s site was not optimised for the search engines and 95% of their traffic was branded keywords only.

While their existing blog content was well written and helpful, it was not targeting keywords with buyer intent. 

Our proposal

We proposed a content-led SEO strategy to help build brand awareness and drive leads.

Plico needed to educate the market through helpful blog content targeting audiences at the top, middle and bottom of the purchase funnel.


  • Drive more leads and customers through blog content targeting a range of buyer intent
  • Increase qualified organic traffic to a range of existing internal pages
  • Increase the number of keywords Plico ranked for in the search engines
  • Improve the overall quality of traffic to the website

A tailored SEO strategy to drive results

We created a search engine optimisation road map that helped to manage expectations by clearly defining our scope of work and the tasks would complete each month.

We also included accountability measures and traffic benchmarks that we expected to achieve and over what time frame.

  • Competitor analysis to identify content and backlink gaps
  • Audience and keyword research to ensure we were writing copy and content for the target market
  • Continual SEO auditing and recommendations to help overtake and stay ahead of the competition
  • Technical SEO to ensure the site is running on a solid foundation
  • On-page optimisation and internal linking to help the user journey
  • Content ideationcreationpublication, and promotion to help position our client as an industry authority
  • Local SEO to ensure our client appeared on Google Maps
  • Copywriting that was written for the target audience first
  • Link building to help improve overall domain authority and search engine rankings
  • Reputation management to ensure our client was engaged with good and bad customer experiences
  • Project management and reporting to ensure the strategy was successful and our work was transparent

The SEO strategy for each client is different as we target a range of goals, audiences and competitors who are also targeting the first page of Google Search.  We presented a balanced strategy that clearly defined the tasks that we would complete and the expected outcome.

Our consistent approach not only held us accountable to our performance, but helped the client understand how SEO impacts their site and search rankings and make the entire process more transparent.

Our approach

Website Design & Development

While the client site was built on the Hubspot platform, there are still a number of opportunities to optimise the content and improve the search rankings. You have the vision of where you want your business to be, we have the know-how to make that a reality. Our websites are designed with the goal of establishing your business at the top of your field. We do this by getting a sound understanding of your business, who the customers are that you are trying to attract and then deliver the user experience that really deliver their expectations.

  • Mobile First, Custom Responsive, Designs
  • WordPress CMS
  • Shopify eCommerce
  • Developed using best practice principles
  • Fast loading and optimised for search engines

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a broad spectrum of SEO services including SEO audits, technical SEO, keyword research, SEO consulting, local SEO in Perth, SEO campaign implementation and management to improve search rankings and boost traffic for your business.

We approach any new website with a focus on the three key tenets of any successful SEO campaign.
  1. Technical SEO – a technically sound website that fast loading with a great user experience.
  2. Content – copy on your main pages that encourage people to take action, and editorial content that exists to answer questions, educate your target audience, and establish topical authority.
  3. Backlinks – links from highly relevant and highly authoritative websites that act as votes of confidence in your site.
Your website is really humming when you hit the sweet spot. It’s here that you start to see real organic growth from your SEO efforts, but it can take up to six months before you reap these benefits.

Results so far

Increase in Organic Leads
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Our Content-led Search Engine Optimisation strategy has delivered an 864% Year on Year (YoY) increase in leads from organic traffic.

With a custom SEO strategy that focused on audience and keyword research, on-page optimisation, link building, Eurisko drove a 137% increase in organic search traffic YoY.

Increase in Organic Phone Calls
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More Non-branded Organic Search Traffic
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Our content strategy is delivering 494% more non-branded organic search traffic YoY which means more people are leaning about Plico’s brand.