Digital Marketing Services Offered By Eurisko:

  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Integration

Spudshed is a family owned business delivering fresh, affordable produce to the people of Perth. Hard work and long hours has seen this business grow to 15 stores across WA, offering fresh produce, full meat, dairy and groceries.


Eurisko partered with a media buying agency to deliver a new website with mobile app integration. The brief was simple:

  • build a new website that was easy for customers to navigate and engage with the key areas
  • create a simple solution to uploading and updating weekly store catalogues
  • focus on creating individual store locations
  • integrate with the new look Spudshed mobile app


Client Testimonial

“Working with Mike and Eurisko has exceeded our expectations much of the time searching for a web designer can be filled with complicated jargon and difficult to understand content. This is not the case with this dream team.

Mike not only took the time to really understand our objectives but goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist myself and my team to understand the process and processes moving forward and has been a great ongoing support after the brief was executed. Nothing seems too hard.

The overall design, execution and digital assistance has been exactly what our rapidly growing business needed to keep up with the need and demands of our customers. Great work Mike and the Eurisko team. “

– Jaxon Jennings Galati Group | Spudshed Digital Marketing Coordinator

Eurisko Discoveries

We started our journey of discovery by scoping out the requirements of the business, this also included a review of the existing website to find out what they liked and what they didn’t like.

We then aligned this with the expectations and requirements of their customers. We used a combination of user experience, with Google Analytics data to see what areas of the website users were visiting, the types of content they were engaging with and more importantly what customers didn’t like about the website, and how it optimised for search.

From a design perspective the old design was a little dated. The platform was not as flexible as the client wanted, which made updates quite difficult. We also discovered that customers were not visiting the recipes or produce sections of the website. What customers wanted was to be able to access the weekly specials as quickly as possible, and to find their nearest location (if they didnt know it already).

The end product was exactly those things. The website was stripped right back to just those items that the customer really wanted from the website. Also included was a new online catalogue viewer, a subscriber integration with MailChimp and new customisable pages to each store location.

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Mobile App Integration

During the website build, Spudshed engaged a mobile development agency to help with the build of the Spushed member’s app.

This is a great app that connects Spudshed customers to even cheaper prices. Simply download the app to access discounts on meat, fresh produce and all of your daily essentials. When you’re at the checkout, just show us your membership number on your phone and you’ll automatically get the special members price. You can also use the app to flick through our weekly leaflet to see our crazy cheap specials or use it to find your closest store when you’re out and about.

The scope of the website changed to allow the app to connect and pull information from the website and display it on the app.

With our flexible development process we were able to align with the mobile development agency and create several new integration points that connected the weekly specials catalogues, store information and special promo banners all from the backend of the website.

Spudshed launched the mobile app and in the first month run a campaign with programmatic agency Unify

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You might have noticed that we have removed some of the specific numbers from our reports, instead only showing the percentage increase. This is because we value our clients privacy and the commercial sensitivity of traffic volumes, lead volumes, lead cost and conversions. As much as we’d love to show you the exact specifics of our successes, our clients will always come first.