Why does it take so long for Google to rank my blog post?

It can take a long time for a blog post to rank on Google.

Sometimes months.

If you’ve written something great, and not seeing results, stay the course and ensure your on-page and off-page SEO is sorted.

Here’s a timeline for a client’s blog post (name protected) that shows it took about four months to see any decent organic traffic growth.

In short, we had to re-optimise the content and build a couple of hyper-relevant, high-quality backlinks to the post.

20 July 2022 – Blog post is published with best-practice on-page optimisation and internal linking.

20 August 2022 – Post drops out of the index as Google tries to understand where it fits amongst the competition. This is very normal. It can take weeks for Google to even crawl and index new content.

We used this time to re-optimise the post to better match searcher intent and we also built a couple of hyper-relevant links through blogger outreach (no link farm rubbish!).

20 September 2022 – Post gets back in Google’s index and is ranking for long tail search terms.

As our blog post title is a question, we saw an opportunity to optimise the content for a featured snippet. We simply updated the opening paragraph to ensure we directly addressed the question. Short and sharp. No faff.

30 October 2022 – Post secured the featured snippet for our target keyword and organic traffic has grown exponentially since. The article is helping raise brand awareness and has also directly resulted in some sales and leads.

If you’re not getting results from your content, we can help.

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Jamie Press

Digital Marketing Specialist - SEO 15+ years digital marketing agency experience in Sydney and Perth. Jamie's job is to strategise and execute SEO campaigns for Eurisko's clients. His writing has featured on SmartCompany, Moz.com, Shape.com, Homely.com.au, and Mining.com amongst others.

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